Gripping dead parrot sketch was simply a ‘mercy killing’

Ex-Parrot Deano
Ex-Parrot Deano
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A man who killed his ex-girlfriend’s pet parrot after she refused to take him back admitted in court: “I shouldn’t have done it.”

Steve Froggatt, 58, pleaded guilty to two counts of criminal damage – “necking” the bird and throwing eggs at the home the couple had shared in Preston.

City magistrates heard Froggatt, said by his solicitor to be an animal lover, carried out the killing after he accidentally injured the African Grey called Deano trying to get it back into its cage. The body has never been found.

“The parrot was on the loose and he gripped it,” said Andrew Nottingham, defending. “He then despatched it humanely. He knows he shouldn’t have done it.”

Froggatt, of Tag Croft, Tanterton, was remanded on bail until October 28 for reports.

His solicitor said a two-week spell in prison on remand had been a “salutory lesson” to him.

The court heard Froggatt had gone round to their joint home in St Christopher’s Road, Deepdale, to collect some of his things.

“He had made advances to try and get back together and those were rejected,” said Philip Hall, prosecuting.

“He admits entering the property and killing the parrot. When she came back she saw some grey feathers, the cage door was open and the parrot was missing.”

The prosecution offered no evidence on a third count of threatening to kill the parrot and the woman’s pet dog.