Driver crashes car into his own home in Preston

The crashed car at a home in Black Bull Lane, Fulwood, Preston
The crashed car at a home in Black Bull Lane, Fulwood, Preston
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An elderly man had to be pulled from the wreckage of a car after crashing into his own house.

Pensioner Derrick Rissley had a lucky escape after accidentally smashing his automatic grey Saab through the bay window of his house on Black Bull Lane, Fulwood.

By the time a fire crew from Fulwood had arrived at noon yesterday, Mr Rissley had escaped the vehicle unscathed, after being helped out by a workman, who was working nearby and heard the commotion.

Mr Rissley’s 75-year-old neighbour David Wells said heard a loud noise.

He said a decorator who was doing work at his home saw the events unfold, and he raced across the road to rescue the man.

Mr Wells said: “I heard a bang.

“The decorator upstairs heard it.

“He saw it called the fire service and the ambulance and ran across to get him out of the car.”

A spokesman for the fire service said they were concerned about the safety of the house when they found the severely damaged car lodged into it.

Due to the structure of the bungalow and the risk of falling debris, officers had to call in the urban search and rescue team - who specialise in dealing with building collapses.

The fire crews successfully managed to free the mangled remains of the car without disrupting the foundations.

A fire service spokesman said: “We were called to a road traffic collision and reports that a man was trapped in a car. When a crew from Fulwood arrived there was no-one trapped but the house was a mess.

“They had to wait until they knew the house would not collapse or collapse around them before wrenching the car out of the building.

“The urban search and rescue team, who are based in Chorley were also called to the scene.

“They are highly trained in dealing with building collapses. They are very useful people to have.”