Cow saved after being pulled out of canal by firefighters and a tractor

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Preston firefighters saved the life of a cow after they used slings and a farmer’s tractor to pull it out of of a canal.

The cow had become stuck in the Leeds to Liverpool canal by Botany Bay, Chorley, at around 2am last night and “wouldn’t have survived much longer”.

Watch manager Gary Kiyani and his Preston Fire Service crew entered the water, attached safety slings and used a farmers tractor to slowly and safely bring the cow back onto land.

Mr Kiyani said: “We couldn’t quite believe it had found its way in there but if we’d arrived much later it could have been much worse as I don’t think it could have survived much longer. Many thanks must go to the farmer who let us borrow his tractor and after some back and forth we managed to get the cow out safely. It was understandably a bit shook up but completely fine after about five minutes.”