The new must-have car accessory comes in Queen or Pope

Ever get lonely on long car rides?
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Are you a 'model citizen'?

Are you as kind as you think you are?

NINE in ten Brits would describe themselves as "kind" - yet a third would never give cash to a stranger in need, one in twenty do not bother to hold doors open for people - and as many as one in five admit they never pay people compliments.

Peter Rabbit is the first of the 50p pieces to go sale on Monday

Peter Rabbit among Beatrix Potter characters to star on new coins

In Beatrix Potter's much-loved Tale Of The Flopsy Bunnies, Mr McGregor - the ever-menacing anti-hero - announces he will make quick cash by selling a sack of his floppy-earred neighbours.


VIDEO: Beech's Fine Chocolates in Preston is making Easter eggs after three decades

After more than 30 years, Easter eggs are back on the table for Preston firm Beech’s Fine Chocolates.

Members are ready to play games for Rosemere

Preston Gamers Guild holds gamer marathon in Penwortham for Rosemere Cancer Foundation

Are you game enough to help Rosemere Cancer Foundation raise money for its 20 Years Anniversary Appeal?
Blackpool Magistrates Court

Removal man 'staged kidnapping and demanded ransom from his pregnant girlfriend so he could get drunk with pals'

A removal man from Blackpool staged his own kidnap and demanded a ransom from his pregnant girlfriend so he could get drunk with his mates, a court has heard.
Sean is 2nd from right'Photo: ITV

'My strange Oxo cube habit cost me a date on Take Me Out!'

He never got to enjoy the island of Fernando’s with the woman of his dreams, but Sean Smith wouldn’t swap his appearance on TV’s Take Me Out for anything.


Old romantic: Meet the Yorkshireman who has sent the same Valentine's card to his wife for the last 39 years

A devoted husband is celebrating St Valentine's Day by sending his beloved wife the same card he has posted to her - for the last 39 YEARS.
The collection of charming and sentimental Valentine's cards

Lessons in love: Victorian Valentine's cards unearthed in shoebox give modern day bachelors lessons in romance

A collection of Victorian Valentine's cards have fetched £100 at auction after being found lying in a dusty shoebox.
Picture from @AlfretonTownSNT on Twitter

Woman found hiding from police with a washing basket on her head

A woman who failed to appear at court was found by police trying to hide with a washing basket on her head.
The Quire in St George's Chapel at Windsor Castle, Berkshire.

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle reveal royal wedding plans

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle have revealed eagerly-awaited details of their forthcoming wedding.

Photo Neil Cross Jeff McGinty on the empty grit bin.

‘Our new grit bin is no use if it’s empty’

The Winter Olympics have just got underway in South Korea, but they’ve been going on for weeks in South Ribble.

Azaleas can cause vomiting, diarrhoea, and even blindness and comas in cats and dogs. Image: Pixabay

Which plants are dangerous for your cats and dogs?

Lancashire’s pet owners are being warned about the hidden dangers of common plants and flowers that may deal fatal blows to furry companions.

Rebecca Cliffe, sloth biologist, holding sloth wearing sloth backpack while traveling in boat to release site  at Aviarios Sloth Sanctuary, Costa Rica

Dr Rebecca Cliffe of Penwortham reveals all about working in the jungle in her book Sloths: Life in the Slow Lane

Zoologist Dr Rebecca Cliffe has had mouldy hair and been stranded on a desert island for three days. But she won’t give up working in the jungle and looking after what has fast become her favourite animals - sloths.


X Factor star Wagner to appear at Walton Arms in Bamber Bridge

Former X Factor star Wagner will be making women swoon at a ladies night in Lancashire.

6 alternative Valentine’s activities in Lancashire

If you are looking for alternative ways to spend Valentine’s Day, click on the gallery to find some inspiration.

Amy jokes with Blind Date host Paul O'Grady

‘Witch’ Amy casts Blind Date spell

Self-confessed white witch Amy Masterson is flying off to the South of France today hoping to cast a spell over a total stranger.


Drivers told ‘look out for the roundabout’

As roundabouts go, it’s a pretty big one . . . not something you can easily miss.

The term snowflake has taken on a less than complimentary meaning

New Oxford English Dictionary words are a BFP (big fat positive, apparently)

Mansplaining, ransomware and snowflake along with more than one hundred parenting terms have been entered into the Oxford English Dictionary (OED).
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