Nutrient boost for city's needy

A couple behind a fledgling juice business have made a vow to support the homeless with every product they sell.

Friday, 28th April 2017, 4:03 pm
Updated Tuesday, 9th May 2017, 6:52 pm
Photo Neil Cross Martin Ainsworth and fiancee Shelby Rigg have set up We Are Juice juicing business that is going from strength to strength. They have decided that for every sale, they are going to give fruit/veg/juice to the homeless people or food banks in the local area. Pictured with three day old daughter Brooklyn

Martin Ainsworth and fiancee Shelby Rigg run We Are Juice from their home in Pedders Lane, Preston.

After studies showed the number of people in the city who bed down in the open has more than doubled in the past year, the couple want to help the needy, in a bid to help improve overall well-being.

Martin, 35, said: “For many, many years I’ve had a big interest in homeless people and helping them, so I wondered about how to link the business and my interest together.

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“I could have quite easily gone down that route myself if I hadn’t have chosen a different path, but some people don’t have enough support.

“I feel like we all have a duty to look after the people less fortunate that ourselves, so every time we sell a product through our website, we’re going to donate to the homeless or a foodbank.”

Already the couple, who have a week-old daughter Brooklyn, and one-year-old daughter Savannah, have dropped off boxes of fruit and veg to several shelters in Preston.

Martin said: “We’ve had a fantastic reception, people are really pleased.

“We really want to push down the foodbank route as well as the homeless shelters.

“Not getting the right nutrients is an epidemic and when our customers have our juice they are using it as a nutri-boost top-up.

“So if you and me are not getting enough nutrients, imagine what it’s like for the people on the streets or people reliant on foodbanks?

“Extra fruit and veg helps energy levels, productivity and higher serotonin levels, so people feel better about themselves.”