Nuclear fears at vigil

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More than 60 people held a vigil at Heysham Nuclear Power station on Saturday, to mark the third anniversary of the nuclear disaster at Fukishima.

There was silence as messages were read out, including some from Japan, where the meltdown occurred in 2011.

Photo Ian Robinson'No More Fukushima's protest march at Heysham Power Station

Photo Ian Robinson'No More Fukushima's protest march at Heysham Power Station

Thousands of people who lived within 20km of Fukushima have still not been able to return to their homes, and on February 20, another 100 tonnes of highly radioactive water leaked from the plant into the Pacific Ocean.

The crowds also called on power company EDF to answer questions on Heysham Power Staton’s safety in the face of climate change.

Local architect Mo Kelly took levels to demonstrate how high sea levels could be in 2100, and showed that a storm-surge like those seen in Dorset recently might breach the security perimeter fence.

Ruth Quinn, a Lancaster resident said: “It was terrifying to see how vulnerable the monolithic nuclear power station could be in the face of climate-change induced sea surges. How can we be sure that future flooding won’t cause nuclear waste leaks?’

Alan Oulton, station director Heysham 2 power station, said: “Heysham 1 has been operating safely since 1983 and Heysham 2 since 1988.

“As a responsible company we are always looking at ways to improve every aspect of all we do on site and although we have no significant concerns at present and certainly no safety concerns regards our sea defences, all our operations are open to scrutiny from our many independent regulators such as the Environment Agency and the Office for Nuclear Regulation.”