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David and Kay Tuson in the bar in their garage
David and Kay Tuson in the bar in their garage
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Most people use their garage for their car, some people use it for storage but one couple use theirs as a bar - and have been doing for years!

David and Kay Tuson seek retreat in their very own pub in the garage of their home in Bamber Bridge.

Kay Tuson's bar

Kay Tuson's bar

The couple, who live in Queensway, use it to entertain friends and family and it is a popular spot for birthdays.

David, 74, said: “It was a brick built garage and I used to change engine blocks and back axles. It got full of stuff.

“I was due an eye operation and was due to be off work for seven months and for the first four I couldn’t do anything.

“Kay said ‘why don’t you build me a summer house?’ So I started drawing up plans and it ended up being a bar.”

David and Kay, 75, have lived in the house since 1959.

The couple have added to the bar over the years and it is now complete with tables and chairs for their visitors - and David has even added a toilet.

He said: “We use it at Christmas time and birthdays and stuff like that. Other times we might go out for a drink and come back for one in the garage.

“We’ve got all the optics up. There’s six on the wall and then bar optics as well.

“When we first opened we had 50 in. Now it is furnished it is really just a family bar.

David and Kay have three children and seven grandchildren, who think it is brilliant.

But he admits he doesn’t have a favourite part of his homemade bar. “I like it all. “We have a lot of instruments in there and I play harmonica. We have a right good knees up. All the family is like that!”

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