No excuse for speeding

Caught:  Kingsfold Primary pupils catch and speak with speeding drivers
Caught: Kingsfold Primary pupils catch and speak with speeding drivers
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Speeding motorists have been brought to task by safety conscious youngsters at a primary school.

Year five and six pupils from Kingsfold Community Primary in Penwortham, near Preston, took to the streets with the support of police to drive home their message.

The pupils were given a chance to help officers with speed checks on roads near to their Martin Field Road school.

Motorists who were found to be speeding were asked to speak with the youngsters, who explained some of the serious consequences that the motorists’ driving behaviour could have.

Acting headteacher Simon Pritchard said there is a 20mph sped limit near the school but added all of the motorist zapped was well over the limit.

He added: “The project went very well.

“Three stations were set up, one with a speed camera which some of the children had a chance to operate, another one with children waving a banner and one where the children had a chance to speak to people who had been pulled up. I think it really hit home; a couple of motorists were quite stunned.

“The children were asking them things like, ‘were you in a rush?’, ‘Did you look at your speedometer?’ and ‘How would you feel if you had hit me?’

“For us it was good for the children to go out into the community and good for the children to be aware of road safety.”

The initiative supports Lancashire County Council’s plan to introduce 20mph speed limits in all main residential areas and outside schools in response to studies which show that rates of death and injury are less for pedestrians hit by a vehicle at 20mph rather than 30mph.

Casualty records in the county show 68% of accidents where people are seriously killed or injured are recorded in 30mph areas, and 79% of these are either on foot or cyclists.

PCSO Paul Naylor said: “The project is about education rather than enforcement.

“Having a young child tell you that your speeding not only makes them feel less safe near roads but could also seriously injure or even kill them is a real eye opener and motorists often tells us that this is more likely to make them change the way they drive.

“The children are also interested to hear the excuses drivers use for speeding – they do not think it is good enough that their lives are being put at risk because someone is a few minutes late for work.”

Children also sang their own made up chant: “ 20 is plenty, 30 is dirty, 40 is naughty.”