Nick Jones launches second FitBox in Buckshaw Village

A former professional fencer has turned his attentions to becoming a personal trainer, with an added focus of helping clients with disabilities and health concerns.

Monday, 26th March 2018, 1:23 pm
Updated Monday, 26th March 2018, 1:30 pm
Nick Jones,owner of FitBox

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Nick Jones, from Adlington, runs two fitness sites under the brand of FitBox, in Buckshaw Village, and has seven self employed trainers who support their clients in the two gyms.

The 26-year-old says: “I started personal training when I was 21 but I have always been into sport. I used to be a fencer and represented the North West, training from both a Chorley and Adlington based club at Albany Science College. I have since been directly involved with running training programs for fencers, some of which are currently competing at international level for Team GB.

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Louis Mayers, at FitBox, Buckshaw Village

“When I was 18 I joined a gym and I didn’t like how they were trained in front of other gym members. I thought it would be better to do it in a more private, bespoke setting.

“So I got my qualifications and I trained people in their homes three years ago. In June 2016 I had the opportunity to lease a unit in Buckshaw Village for my clients. I started doing group sessions and now I have opened a second unit.”

Nick adds that the ethos of his gym is simplicity and feeling comfortable.

He says: “Our ethic is all effort and no egos. It can be quite a vain industry, especially with social media, but we are taking that away. The gym is just a box - four walls.

Photo Neil Cross Workplace Fitbox, Buckshaw Village, Oliie Stringer, Nick Jones, Louis Mayers and Sarah Webster

“I recruited other personal trainers who have the same ideals as me who help a variety of clients, from age 13 to over 65.

“We pride ourselves on our versatility to train anybody and everybody who is prepared to become the strongest version of themselves, both physically and mentally.

“There is no age or ability limitations at the FitBox and we go the extra lengths to ensure everybody is given an even opportunity to become happier with who they are and proud of what they can and will achieve through either our personal training or small group classes.

“We all specialise in weight management and improving lifestyles through fitness.”

Louis Mayers, at FitBox, Buckshaw Village

Each of the trainers specialise in a certain area, looking after disabled clients, cancer patients, amputees and diabetic people.

Nick adds: “My main specialised role is in athlete performance and strength conditioning coach alongside my general public PT.

“But I’m more proud to have worked with six chemotherapy patients this year and watching them beat their cancers and get back on track with their lives.

“Louis Mayers took it upon himself to go abroad and work with ex military amputees as a coach.

Photo Neil Cross Workplace Fitbox, Buckshaw Village, Oliie Stringer, Nick Jones, Louis Mayers and Sarah Webster

“Sarah Webster works with clients who are wheelchair bound on a daily basis.

“Vanessa Haydock, who is diabetic, focuses on helping the diabetic community by educating them on the benefits of a fit and healthy lifestyle. I also have ex-team GB runner Danielle Halsall, Oliver Stringer, Emma Wright and Ria Barker.”

Sarah, 20, of Croston, says: “I had always been passionate about working with disabled people and have been volunteering at Rainbow House. My dad had a stroke last year when I was started my personal training business and as I was helping him with his exercises, the more I could do to help my clients at Rainbow House, in Mawdesley. I also have a client who was unable to walk after a car accident and I am trying to get him fit again. When doctors say something is not possible, I aim to show with a bit of energy and strong will it can be possible. I find the job very rewarding and I love seeing people’s determination pay off.”

Louis, 25, of Chorley, adds: “I went to Fuerteventura last year and worked with ex forces amputees. My aim was to empower them and make them feel confident.

“They can still lead normal lives and train in all kinds of ways. I really enjoyed it and will make it an annual course. I also work in schools, offering 30-minute fitness sessions to encourage youngsters to take up sport.”