Newlyweds’ passport saga continues

David and Nancy Treasure in Fuerteventura
David and Nancy Treasure in Fuerteventura
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Newlyweds David and Nancy Treasure are still stuck abroad - three months after an immigration wrangle began.

Mr Treasure, 62, and 65-year-old American Nancy are currently holed-up in a Dublin hotel room, eagerly awaiting news from the Home Office on when they can both return to the UK.

Mr Treasure, of Mossbrook Drive, Cottam, said: “We’re 10 minutes away from the airport, so as soon as we get the word, our plan is to get the next plane back home.”

The couple married in Preston on April 7, just days after Mrs Treasure’s six-month visitor visa expired. Immigration officials allowed them to stay for the ceremony but said in order for her to live in the UK as a spouse, she would need to leave the country and hand immigration documents into a British Consulate abroad.

Mr Treasure insists Home Office officials said they could go to Fuerteventura, but on attending the nearest British Consulate in Gran Canaria, they were told this was incorrect, leaving Mrs Treasure stuck abroad.

Since then Mr Treasure has been back and forth to the UK, instructing a lawyer to fight the case and now Mrs Treasure’s time as a visitor to Fueteventura has expired.

Mr Treasure said: “Now we’re told that a caseworker in Croydon is fast-tracking it. “We’re hoping the passport will be rubber-stamped by Friday or Saturday and we can be home early next week. We hope so because this is taking a huge emotional toll on us, and it’s costing a fortune.”

A Home Office spokesman said: “The Home Office is continuing to work with the couple to process the application as quickly as possible.”