New York police dog bred from a Lancashire Labrador

Top trainer: Jeremy Hunt with Labradors Fenway Brock (left) and Fenway Timber
Top trainer: Jeremy Hunt with Labradors Fenway Brock (left) and Fenway Timber
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Watch out Andrex Puppy – Jeremy Hunt’s Labradors are making a name for themselves around the globe!

Journalist Jeremy specialises in writing about Labradors but also breeds and trains them.

Labradors he has trained are sought at home and abroad for their diligence and intelligence.

An American who bought puppies from Jeremy has since bred the canines and one of the new dogs is now working in the New York Police Academy.

Jeremy, of Claughton, near Garstang, added: “We also sent a dog to Australia about 18 months ago and the dog has become a junior field trial champion which we are thrilled about.

“My methods of training are very, very positive. It’s very sympathetic and understanding and working with the dog.

“Our aim is to produce labrador retrievers that not only have a natural ability to work but labradors that retain the true looks and temperament of the breed.”

Jeremy has been involved with Labradors for 30 years and also gundogs.

He recently published a book, Training The Working Labrador, and writes a monthly column for Shooting Gazette.

Jeremy reckons most people should be able to train a Labrador with the right approach, but sadly some end up in rescue homes because owners do not know how to handle them. Training a Labrador, if you’ve got the desire to do it, is well within the capabilities of most people,” he said.

“But they’re highly intelligent and if a working labrador is not given anything to do it can become a bit of a handful.

“A lot of working pet labradors spend their lives looking for a pheasant behind the fridge. They are always looking for something to retrieve. Giving them something to do will change their lives dramatically.

“The most wonderful thing about these dogs is their superb temperament and incredible intelligence.

“They are super dogs. They just have an amazing ability to learn and to help. They have great generosity of spirit.

“That willingness to help you has to come from that connection early on – a dog should work with you and not for you.”

Training the Working Labrador is published by Quiller at £19.95.