New Year Preston baby Carmen follows in her dad's footsteps

It was a happy New Year for firecracker baby Carmen Pannett as she burst into the world in the early hours of Hogmanay.

New Year Baby Carmen born at Royal Preston Hospital
New Year Baby Carmen born at Royal Preston Hospital

The rosy-cheeked tot also arrived into the world on her dad Callum’s 27th birthday.

She was the first baby to arrive at Royal Preston Hospital, born at 2.32am weighing 5.15lb.

Callum, a scaffolder from Ingol, said: “It’s my birthday as well today.”

Mum Charly said: “I always thought she was going to come early.

“We always said she’s going to come on her dad’s birthday and she did.

“I don’t have to get him any presents now.

“His little boy took his name and his little girl took his birthday.”

The arrival of Carmen, who was due on Friday, January 11, was very exciting to big brother Callum who was staying with his dad’s cousin.

“I’ve literally just told him,” said Charly, who works in infection control at Preston Hospital.

“He can’t believe it.

“He said ‘I can’t wait to see her’.

“First thing he said to me was ‘did it hurt a lot’ and I said, ‘yes, a lot’.”

Callum, now seven-years-old, took 46 minutes “from start to finish”.

Asked how baby Carmen’s birth was Charly said: “Once we went up she was out in 20 minutes.

“We had a Chinese, I had a shower, got into bed and then my waters went.

“We came in, we probably got here for about 8.30pm or 9pm. We were up in the delivery suit for 2am and then she was here.

“I’ve not heard her cry yet. She’s just slept. She’s probably the quickest baby ever - for now at least.

“I’m tired, I just can’t switch off.

“We’ll probably just be in my bedroom for the first couple of days until I get into the swing of things.

“I was more nervous this time round because I new what was coming. It was the anticipation.”

Over in another bay at the maternity ward at the hospital little Umme Haani was having a cuddle with mum Femida Patel.

She had been born shortly after Carmen at 3am weighing 7.5lb.

“I was induced at about 10.50pm and then it all started after that, I was in the delivery suit at 2.40am and then suddenly she was out.

“I’ve got three boys who are 11, seven and four and they are very excited.

“I’ve always wanted a girl.”