New tagging scheme could help save endangered bird

An adult female Hen harrier
An adult female Hen harrier
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An endangered bird has successfully nested in the North West.

The hen harrier is England’s most threatened bird of prey and the nest in the United Utilities Bowland Estate is the first successful one in England since 2012.

And now the chicks have been fitted with high-tech satellite tags as part of a new Royal Society for the Protection of Birds initiative.

And Jude Lane the RSPB’s Bowland project officer believes the tags will allow them to gain more information about the birds habits.

She said: “Once the birds have fledged, we will be able to follow them and gain valuable information about where they hunt, roost and, with a bit of luck, breed. The more we can learn about these amazing birds, the more we can do to help their numbers recover.”

The tags will also help provide evidence of any illegal activity against the birds.

In 2012, a hen harrier, Bowland Betty, was shot in North Yorkshire.

Jude said: “I was absolutely gutted when I heard. I really hope that these tagged chicks don’t meet a similar fate and that they live a long and productive life.”

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