New home for county fire and rescue centre

Headquarters: Lancashire Fire and Rescue's current building in Fulwood
Headquarters: Lancashire Fire and Rescue's current building in Fulwood
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Lancashire’s fire headquarters will move from Fulwood to Chorley to build a new combined headquarters and training centre.

The £10 million move, expected to be complete by Spring 2016, will be funded out of the Fire Authority’s own capital budget but an additional bid has been made for a grant from central government.

The future of Fulwood Fire Station, which shares the same site in Garstang Road, will be reviewed next year as part of the Emergency Cover Review, which takes place every three years.

Lancashire’s Combined Fire Authority has approved the plans which form part of the wider redevelopment of the Chorley site - including the provision of a new fire station.

Chris Kenny, chief fire officer for Lancashire, said: “The Service HQ building on Garstang Road, Fulwood was built as a private residence for one family but is now workplace for 187 people.

“Over many years it has become a compromise in terms of space and suitability for purpose.

“Moreover, the cost of maintaining and heating the old building has been a constant drain on resources which will be more than offset by the energy and efficiency savings that purpose-built premises would guarantee.

“The site at Fulwood also includes Fulwood fire station and the arrangements for moving do not incorporate any change to this.

“The future of the fire station will be considered in 2013 as part of the scheduled Emergency Cover Review which every three years looks at continuing requirements for each and every fire station in Lancashire.

“Any change affecting Fulwood fire station would require public consultation”.

It is understood the current employees based at Fulwood will be relocated to Chorley as part of the move with no impact on the number of jobs on the site.

Mr Kenny said: “The cost of refurbishing the present buildings would be significant and it simply could not be adapted to serve our needs at any price.

“Evidence of the cost-effectiveness of our proposal for a new-build solution is compelling and the space available at our Training Centre site would enable us to sell the site at Fulwood – in whole or part – saving considerable sums on the running costs and contributing to our capital reserves.”

The Emergency Cover Review takes place every three years to ensure response services are targeted to provide the most appropriate response times according to population and the level and type of risk in an area.

Since 2009 an emergency cover review has been required.