‘New’ deadly drug sparks warning to teachers

A ‘new’ form of deadly drug has sparked an email alert at secondary schools.

A warning has been sent out to teachers across Blackpool and the Fylde coast after ‘an increase of users’ in Fleetwood injecting speed processed into liquid form.

The substance is formally known as amphetamine and has proven to be fatal.

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Sgt Gary Tunstall from the police force’s West Division Early Action Team said users are processing the drug by turning it into stone-sized chunks and crushing them into an injectable form.

“This new product has caused one known user to have a serious infection which required surgery,” Sgt Tunstall said.

“Drug services in Fleetwood have seen an increase in cases where amphetamines are causing lumps and bumps in people’s arms and legs where it is solidifying if they are able to get it out of the syringe.

“The amphetamine is said to be of good quality.”

Sgt Tunstall’s alert, which was also sent out to Blackburn with Darwen Council and Lancashire County Council, was forwarded to schools by the public health department at Blackpool Council.

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A council spokesman said: “Any warnings about drugs - for instance if there is a dangerous strain of a particular drug going around - are sent out to hundreds of different email addresses to give warning. It’s basic preventative public health work to make sure it’s on people’s radar.”

Anybody caught with the drug in injectable form faces a five year jail term and unlimited fine. Those caught supplying it could be locked up for 14 years .