New bridge is ‘catastrophic’

Fury: Residents are unhappy with the new bridge
Fury: Residents are unhappy with the new bridge
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Residents have labelled a new bridge a ‘catastrophic mess.’

Residents in Heath Charnock, near Chorley, have slammed Network Rail’s decision to replace a small wooden bridge, off Bolton Road, with a larger concrete structure they claim is an eyesore.

The rail firm said the bridge needed to be replaced as part of the ongoing electrification works on the network.

Resident Alix Porter said the bridge used to be made out of wood and blended in with the ‘rural’ area.

She said: “It’s a catastrophic concrete mess, it’s a real eyesore and it doesn’t blend in with the surroundings. We want the bridge to be covered in stone, at least that will 
improve it.”

A spokesman from Network Rail, said: “Spencer’s bridge was built of various different materials and it couldn’t be raised as it was. So we needed to replace it completely with a new, safer, stronger and higher bridge with solid parapets. “We don’t usually build new bridges out of wood as it needs replacing after about 15 years.”