New army of bin dippers in Preston

Patrick Kilburn
Patrick Kilburn
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Preston is rife with people who are so desperate for food that they are rifling through supermarket dustbins hunting for food, the Evening Post can reveal today.

During our Twilight Investigation last year, we spoke to Patrick Kilburn of Preston who told us he had not bought any food for five years as he got everything he needed by “bindipping” and finding the food discarded by supermarkets.

As part of Twilight Revisited, we talk to Patrick and discover that he is no longer dining from dustbins as he claims a new army of people have begun bindipping in the city and there is no longer enough food in dustbins to go around.

Patrick, 64, said: “Bindipping has gone kaput for me as everyone else has found out about it and they are all at it.

“Whatever time of day I go to the bins I used to find all my food in, there are other people there and they have already taken all the food.

“I know of a lot more people who go bindipping now and I have even seen well dressed people hanging around near supermarket dustbins.

“It has ruined bindipping for me as there is nothing left for me.

“I am forced to buy food now so I have to make cutbacks in other ways.”

Captain Alex Cadogan, of the Salvation Army in Preston, said: “We are aware there are people in the city who go bindipping and we feel it is very sad they feel the need to do this.

“It is disturbing to think that more people are turning to this activity and we would dissuade them from doing it as they can come to us for a food parcel instead.

“One of the reasons bindippers might not be finding as much food in dustbins is because supermarkets are becoming much more aware of the importance of not wasting food.”

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