Mystery muralist promises more

The first mural created by Parle
The first mural created by Parle
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The graffiti group behind a huge mural painted on an abandoned building has said it has plans for more works across Preston.

A member of the group, named Parle, said it was planning to target other landmark buildings around the city with a campaign of culture as it prepares for the arrival of the Guild celebrations in 2012.

They contacted the Lancashire Evening Post after we revealed the mural on the side of the building on the Vernon Carus sports field in Penwortham yesterday.

The artist told us it came from images in the Ecstasy of Saint Teresa sculpture in the Cornaro Chapel in Rome, but said its next works would be more closely linked to Preston’s industrial past.

He said: “This is the guerilla operation towards a more planned project we have been working on.

“We got a bit impatient because we wanted to do something and then I was walking my dog past that building and saw someone locking it up, so I asked if he would mind me painting the wall and he agreed.

“Now we want to do more in the build up to the Guild because we felt it would be a huge disappointment if the creative side of the city did not come out.

“There are so many people out there that are doing stuff like this and we wanted to give them a chance to be part of the Guild.”

He said he hoped the project, dubbed 10 Strong, could follow in the footsteps of Bristol where the council have permission to hundreds of graffiti artists public buildings to create murals on.

But, the artist said the group did not want to be connected to famous graffiti artist, Banksy.

He said: “The whole Banksy thing is a bit cliched, plus he uses stencils on his work while ours is all done free hand.

“I guess it is inevitable we are going to get called ‘Preston’s Banksy’ but we are completely different.

“We are going to be starting doing more works in the next few weeks, so you will see us around.”