Mystery gifts sold to bidder for £35.50

Sold: Unwanted wrapped up Christmas gift
Sold: Unwanted wrapped up Christmas gift
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A selection of wrapped up Christmas gifts that were put up for sale on eBay have been snapped up.

The four gift-wrapped presents were put on the selling website by a Preston-based seller just days after the festive period.

As reported in yesterday’s Lancashire Evening Post, the seller had no idea what was underneath the glittery paper - but had put them up for sale anyway.

The auction ended late on Sunday night and the winning bid was £31 plus £4.50 in delivery. The seller had explained in the advert that the gifts were from an ‘unwanted admirer.’

The advert read: “They look beautiful and I have no idea what’s in them.

“But I am not interested in this man and I don’t want his presents!” Were you the winning bidder?

If you were the Lancashire Evening Post would like to hear from you and find out what the mystery presents are.

Email reporter Laura Wild at to let us know.