My five-a-day challenge for little Phoebe

Tony with Phoebe
Tony with Phoebe
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Throughout 2014 charity runner Tony Livesey ran a minimum of 5k a day in a bid to raise funds for a charity supporting children with special and complex health needs.

Through wind and rain, ill health and hangovers, Tony, 32, from Lostock Hall, has kept his promise in support of Legacy Rainbow House.

The dad-of-two says: “I decided to set myself a challenge at the start of 2014. I run regualry anyway - four or five times a week - so I decided to up it to every day.

“My best friend’s daughter, Phoebe Kenyon, has been in and out of hospital since she was born and goes to Legacy Rainbow House, so I set out to raise money for them.

“It was all worth it to see the smile on Phoebe’s face.”

Phoebe, six, was born with a rare neurological disorder which leaves her with facial paralysis.

But as Tony finished his challenge by running all 21 miles of the Guild Wheel, the youngster was there to welcome him at the finishing line.

Tony says: “It was such a nice day. I think that was my favourite out of all the runs I’ve done. The weather was cold and fresh, perfect for running, and I had a great group of lads cycling alongside me giving me their support.”

Tony has faced challenges trying to find time to run every day. He says: “In August I got a stomach bug and running through that was hard.

“I even ran up and down the piste when we went skiing in the Dolomites.”

Phoebe’s 5k challenge has raised £1, 885 to date for Legacy Rainbow House.

Tony says: “I’m pretty proud of what I’ve achieved. It has been hard to run every single day and I’ve averaged 10k a day but to have done every day for a year and not miss one is something I’m really proud of.”

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