My biggest bargain, my ultimate splurge - Sophie Richer-­Eaton

Sophie loves to find a bargain but couldn't resist this expensive designer bag
Sophie loves to find a bargain but couldn't resist this expensive designer bag
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Sophie Richer-­Eaton, 20, who lives Garstang, near Preston and works at a travel agency in Preston loves shopping and finding bargains. However, she confesses she has a real weakness for expensive designer bags.


Bargain curling iron, bought from the supermarket for just �7

Bargain curling iron, bought from the supermarket for just �7

“MY bargain is a curling iron which cost me just £7 saving me over £30 on a product I used nearly everyc day.

“I found this item at Morrison’s near my work while I was on my lunch break.

“I could not believe the price as usually hair styling products come with a hefty price tag.

“I go to Morrisons every day during my lunch hour, but I usually only purchase food and would never normally think to buy an own brand product from there.

“Having tried various brands of hair styling products, I’ve previously found curling irons costing upwards of £40 so £7 was a complete bargain.

“Own brands aren’t usually the most reliable, but are guaranteed not to burn a hole in your pocket.

“Everyone asks me what hair irons I use and when I tell them it was a Morrison’s own brand for less than £10 they can’t believe it.

“With working full­time, I have an early start most days leaving little time to get ready in the morning, but this miracle curling iron is a blessing.

“Most of the time, I just leave my hair natural. But I use this iron when I need a quick fix that will make my hair look I’ve actually done something without taking hours.

“The product provides great quality for what it’s actually worth.

“It is the best £7 I’ve ever spent!”


“I decided to treat myself for my birthday and splurged £200 on a DKNY handbag.

“I wanted to spend my birthday money on something nice which I wouldn’t be able to afford usually.

“I bought it from Selfridge’s department store and expected the price to be rather high due to Selfridges’ up­market reputation and expensive brands.

“I very rarely buy anything from there, I usually just admire things I can’t afford.

“I had a moment of ‘Wow that was a lot of money to spend’ after coming home with my new purchase, but I definitely don’t regret spending so much money on it.

“I only use the bag as a weekend treat or for
special occasions as I don’t want to ruin the bag or for it to look worn or dirty.

“I usually stick to a more sensible budget and would never normally spend more than £200 on an item as I simply can’s justify one item costing that amount.

“However, I love splashing out on the expensive things once in a while.

“I love all things expensive and designer but I know that realistically I won’t own any of it.

“So having my own designer handbag was an extra special treat for me.”