My Biggest Bargain... My Ultimate Splurge - Sian Phillips

My Biggest Bargain and Ultimate Splurge with Sian Phillips
My Biggest Bargain and Ultimate Splurge with Sian Phillips
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Sian Phillips, 21, who is an English language and journalism student at the University of Central Lancashire shares her biggest bargain and most expensive fashion items with us.


My Biggest Bargain and Ultimate Splurge with Sian Phillips

My Biggest Bargain and Ultimate Splurge with Sian Phillips

“When it comes to bargains, I have to admit I’m not the best at digging deep for something cheap.

“I would say I am often too drawn in by High Street stores and admittedly I have a fear of second-hand clothing so tend to steer clear of charity shops or the likes of eBay.

“I like to keep up to date with the current style trends through following fashion blogs and reading magazines.

“Instagram has also become a new way for me to find style inspiration as a vast majority of individuals are now using the app to promote their fashion.

“Through these devices, I was made aware that mac coats were making a comeback for 2014.

“Although I would die for a Heritage Burberry trench coat, I settled for similar one from H&M priced at £24.99.

“I don’t always shop in H&M but over the past year I have witnessed a great improvement in their clothes.

“I would definitely say you get more than what you bargained for as this particular coat is of excellent quality.

“The coat is very versatile which only enhances its appeal.

“It can be worn with work wear, draped over denim for a casual outing with friends or teamed up with heels if heading out on an evening.

“The mac is lightweight so is perfect for breezy summer days. Here’s hoping we receive a dry summer!

“When wearing this coat, I have received several compliments from friends, with one believing it to be from the high-end street retailer Zara.

“I would normally opt for the more expensive styles at Zara but I couldn’t resist saving my pennies and buying this H&M bargain.”


“My ultimate splurge is my DKNY watch which I bought for £250.

“Although it is my biggest splurge, I would say it is my biggest investment as it is a daily accessory of mine.

“When buying watches, it is important to consider your personal purpose so that you buy the one that is most efficient for you.

“For instance, do you want budget-friendly or a blow-out investment?

“I opted for blow-out investment. I knew I wanted a watch that I could wear through day and night and wanted one that would hopefully survive the constant wearage.

“This watch has stood the test of time as I have had it for three years and it is yet to break.

“Although I have had the watch for three years, the design is still very much in style.

“The silver stainless steel strap mixes in seamlessly with my existing wardrobe which has ensured it has maximum wear.

“The diamonte detailing around the face of the watch adds a hint of femininity and makes the accessory stand out.

“I know I will still be wearing this watch in years to come - most likely until it becomes unwearable.”