My biggest bargain, my ultimate splurge - Sam Heaney

My Biggest Bargain My Ultimate Splurge - Sam Heaney
My Biggest Bargain My Ultimate Splurge - Sam Heaney
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Sam Heaney, 23, who lives in Ashton, Preston, is an English Literature graduate from Northumbria University. He tells us about his biggest bargain and ultimate splurge items in his wardrobe.


“I bought this navy blue Lyle and Scott jumper off Ebay a couple of years ago.

“The original cost of the jumper should have been around £70 but I managed to pick it up in an online auction brand new for about £30.

“I like vintage and casual clothing and buy various brands such as Fred Perry, Pretty Green and Weekend Offender.

“However, these clothes can be quite pricey and I am constantly on the hunt for a bargain.

“This is why I was sp pleased to pick this up for a cheap price online.

“It has been a multi-functional piece of clothing that I have worn for various occasions including parties and work.

“It is simple, fitted and the type of jumper I usually look to buy. It also washes well after a heavy night in town.

“After ripping my first Lyle and Scott jumper the day after I bought it, I was relieved to find this online for less than half the cost!”


“Being a tight fisted Lancastrian, it isn’t often that I splurge on anything.

“If I had to choose one item of clothing I have splurged on, it would have to be these blue Adidas trainers.

“I bought them from Foot Locker in Preston last year for about £75.

“To be absolutely honest, I haven’t worn them that often and haven’t had the value for money I’ve had from my bargain jumper.

“I went travelling through Europe last summer and nearly packed them to take with me, but they didn’t make the final cut as they were too big to fit in my rucksack alongside the tennis shoes I was advised to pack for comfort.

“I’ve occasionally been out for a few drinks in them but have been turned away at specific clubs, especially in Newcastle, as they don’t adhere to the dress code of those venues.

“I am regularly reminded by friends and family how frugal I am with my money yet it is not always the case that what you spend is necessarily the correct value for the item.”