My Biggest Bargain... My Ultimate Splurge - Sally Whittaker

My Biggest Bargain/Ultimate Splurge with Sally Whittaker
My Biggest Bargain/Ultimate Splurge with Sally Whittaker
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Sally Whittaker, 28, a dance tutor who lives in Penwortham, near Preston, talks to Karishma Patel about her biggest bargain and biggest splurge items and her love for vintage inspired clothing.


“My biggest bargain item has to be this pair of black heels which I bought from New Look for just £20.

“What I love about them is their shape and the fact that they are extremely comfortable which is probably why they are my favourite pair.

“I also like the height of them. Being a dance tutor, I am usually in training gear for most of the week so I look forward to the weekend when I get to put my heels on and feel girly and feminine.

“Black heels are amazing because you can put them with anything, whether it be a pretty dress or even with a casual outfit like jeans.

“Preston doesn’t usually have a lot of shops so I usually shop in London or online.

“The one shop I do like in Preston is H&M as I’m addicted to buying their blazers.”


“My ultimate splurge is this blue dress by Diva. I love the brand Diva and I usually go to London and buy clothes from independent boutiques like Diva.

“When I can’t make it to London I will shop online for it. Asos is another place I like to shop at. I love 1950s and 1960s styles because I like the length of the dresses.

“I find that places like Topshop will have dresses that are really short and dresses that are targeted to girls with straight-up-and-down frames.

“I find that 1950s and 60s styles are much more flattering on my body shape, which makes this dress perfect for me.

“I own this dress in two colours - in black and in blue. I’m terrible because I know if they had more colours in stock I would have bought them all!

“I would say my style is more girly, feminine and chic. This dress is really elegant and sophisticated, which is why it is my favourite.

“I look Pintrest for all my vintage inspiration.

“My Pintrest boards are full of 1950s and 60s styles along with other vintage things.”