My biggest bargain ... my ultimate splurge - Nicola Peate

Bargain & Splurge Nicola Peate from Ormskirk
Bargain & Splurge Nicola Peate from Ormskirk
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A glam find from the charity shop.


“My biggest bargain is this grey dress, which I found in a British Heart Foundation charity shop and it only cost me £6.

“There are lots of charity shops in Ormskirk, and my fiance Neil is always dragging me into them as he loves looking at books and DVDs.

“While I was in the shop, I had a look around and I spotted this dress and thought ‘that’s perfect for work’.

“The dress is originally from Florence and Fred in Tesco, so it probably wasn’t that expensive in the first place, but it is great quality and looks like it cost a lot more than it did.

“Although I am able to wear what I want to work, I often have to do pitches and attend meetings, and this dress is ideal as it is formal and suitable for work, but it is not boring as it has lovely beading on the shoulders.

“For a girl, it can be very difficult to find clothes for work which are smart without being boring, but this dress really fits the bill.

“Whenever I wear it, people always say how much they like it and tell me that it looks expensive.

“They are really surprised when I tell them that it was originally from Tesco, but then when I reveal that I actually got it from a charity shop and it only cost me £6, they are totally shocked!

“It is definitely one of my favourite bargain finds.”


“My splurge item is a very recent purchase, and is this parka coat which I bought from Zara for £125.

“This is a lot more than I would ordinarily spend on an item of clothing, but it was exactly what I was after so I felt it was worth the splurge.

“My fiance’s parents rent houses to students, and quite a few of the students are international students who can’t take bulky items such as shoes and clothes so they tend to leave them behind.

“The last couple of coats I have had are those left behind by Chinese students so for the last couple of winters, I haven’t had to pay for a new coat at all.

“But this winter, none of the students left a coat behind, so I decided to invest in a quality coat.

“I justified the higher than usual cost to myself by telling myself that at least I’d not had to shell out for a new coat for the last couple of years!

“I wanted a warm quality coat that would last, and I did not want a cheap one that would just fall apart.

“This coats seems perfect, as it has a lovely big furry hood and it is very snug.

“What I like about it is that it is very casual, but also has a bit of glam about it.”