My biggest bargain my ultimate splurge - Natalie Jaques

A pair of strappy black heels were a find, reduced from �70 to �13
A pair of strappy black heels were a find, reduced from �70 to �13
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Natalie Jaques, 26, who lives in Fulwood, Preston, works in administration for a financial adviser’s firm. She tells us some of her favourite fashion items in her wardrobe

My biggest bargain

Natalie Jaques, 26, who lives in Fulwood, Preston

Natalie Jaques, 26, who lives in Fulwood, Preston

“I have lots of bargain fashion items – and they are mainly shoes.

“My two top bargains were a couple of pairs of shoes that I bought last year from Aldo online.

“One of them is a pair of strappy black heels made from leather and suede.

“The other pair of shoes are made of the same material but are a nude colour and are a different style.

“The black shoes were reduced to £13 from £70 and they appealed to me because they were cheap and looked like a nice pair of shoes.

“Every girl needs a trusty pair of black heels and these are definitely mine.

“I wear them with everything and have certainly had my money’s worth out of them.

“The nude shoes cost me £22 when they should have been £70 and I bought them for a wedding I was going to which I had bought a maxi dress for. They seemed ideal to go with the outfit as they had a higher heel.

“I was pleasantly surprised when both sets of shoes arrived as they were both great quality.

“I am 5ft 3ins so am quite small and I always wear heels.

“I had been worried that the heels of these shoes might not be high enough for me, but they are both perfect.

“I love buying shoes and these two pairs are definitely my favourites.”

My ultimate splurge

“My ultimate splurge is this Michael Kors handbag which I bought from House of Fraser just before my birthday in November.

“It cost me £280 and I have never spent that much on anything!

“I am a football referee and, over the summer, I did a lot of refereeing and saved up all the money I earned.

“I decided to treat myself to something a bit special with the money and I had wanted a Michael Kors handbag for a while, so I splurged on this one.

“It is a black handbag, so it goes with everything and it is a nice shape and just the right size and has separate compartments which are really useful.

“When I first got this bag, I did not really use it apart from at weekends as I thought it was too nice and expensive to use.

“However, I have now allowed myself to use it every day and I love it.

“It was a bit strange when I handed over my bank card to pay so much money for it, but now I have got it, I am glad I treated myself.”