My Biggest Bargain... My Ultimate Splurge - Matthew Tallant

Biggest Bargain and Ultimate Splurge Matthew Tallant
Biggest Bargain and Ultimate Splurge Matthew Tallant
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I don’t like to buy throwaway trends


“My biggest bargain is my blazer. It is by a brand called Weidenmann and I found it in a charity shop for just £3.50.

“What I like most about the blazer is that it is very easy to style with everything I have in my wardrobe.

“It is a smart and simple piece and is very versatile.

“I don’t like to shop in the same places, but instead like to shop around and pick items up from almost anywhere.

“I buy a few things from Debenhams, but very sparingly as I tend to only shop online, but sometimes I will look for vintage clothing.

“My favourite place to shop online is ASOS.

“I like to keep up with the latest fashion trends by reading Vogue but I don’t like to buy into high street throwaway trends and instead opt for classic pieces which will last through the seasons.

“Vogue creates a high end glamour that most of us will probably never live up to but what I love about it is that it transports you there, even if it is just an editorial or even an interview.”


“My biggest splurge are these trousers which I bought from Zara.

“They cost me £45 but they are worth every penny as are a great fit.

“What I like most about them is that they are tailored but still not too slim or skinny, which is what I hate.

“These trousers are great for when I want to dress my outfit up and look smart.

“My style inspiration never really comes from a specific place. I have my own style that I feel I am happy with.

“This makes it easy to choose items which build upon the wardrobe I have.

“Instead of buying into trends and changing my whole wardrobe every season, I like to stick to classic, timeless pieces.

“Studying fashion at college means I need to be aware of catwalk trends and designer’s collections.

“I love Burberry’s menswear collections and the way they style all of their models to create an image of a strong sophisticated man who dresses well and cares about how he looks.

“Fashion only really started interesting me two or three years ago as I only really started paying attention to runway collections and ready to wear collections at that time.

“I love using the runway as inspiration when designing womenswear for my course.”

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