My Biggest Bargain... My Ultimate Splurge - Matthew Connolly

Matthew Connolly with his ultimate splurge
Matthew Connolly with his ultimate splurge
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Matthew Connolly, 19, of Lostock Hall, near Preston, is studying drama at the University of Salford and also works part time at Top Shop.

He delves into his wardrobe to share some of his favourite items with us.


Matthew Connolly with his ultimate bargain

Matthew Connolly with his ultimate bargain

“My biggest bargain is this suit that I bought recently from Topman. It is green and blue and a very fine tartan.

“It should have cost me £160 but I managed to get it for £80 as Topman were doing 20 per cent off suits at the time and I used my staff discount on top of that and managed to get it at half the price it should have been originally.

“This suit caught my eye as it is a bit different. I don’t usually wear suits and they are usually quite boring as they tend to be black or grey.

“But this suit is certainly not boring and I liked the way it was a bit quirky.

“I bought it for the Topshop Christmas party as I wanted an outfit that was a bit different. I didn’t want to blend with the crowd.

“Usually, when I go out, I wouldn’t wear a suit as it feels very ‘dressy uppy’ and I am more a shirt and trousers person.

“But I love this suit and I felt good when I wore it and I am really happy I bought it.

“I do think it was a bit of a bargain as it was half price and it is the sort of item I am likely to have for a long time.”


“My splurge item is this leather jacket which I bought from All Saints for £355. It is a very dark grey colour and looks almost black.

“I think a good leather jacket is a wardrobe staple as it never really goes out of fashion.

“I have always wanted a leather jacket from All Saints but I always felt it was a lot of money to spend.

“However, I bought a cheaper leather jacket from somewhere else a couple of years ago and it just did not feel the same and the fit, the quality and the feel of the jacket was nowhere near as good as the one I wanted from All Saints.

“The All Saints leather jacket just feels like it is top quality and the leather is heavy and looks like it will last and be hard-wearing.

“So I finally bit the bullet and decided to buy the jacket and I have no regrets even though £355 is a lot of money.

“I like wearing dark clothing and I like the way this leather jacket looks with jeans and boots.

“I do like spending a bit of money on clothes, but I don’t usually splurge such a large amount on one individual item.

“However, when it comes to things like shoes or a jacket, I think it is worth spending more than you usually would and getting something that is top quality.”