My Biggest Bargain... My Ultimate Splurge - Lois Mounsey

My Biggest Bargain My Ultimate Splurge  Lois Mounsey from Broughton
My Biggest Bargain My Ultimate Splurge Lois Mounsey from Broughton
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I like feminine silhouettes...


“My fashion style is inspired by the 90s grunge era and Shenae Grimes. I love girly feminine silhouettes but like to give them an edgy twist.

“I get most of my style 
inspiration from the internet, and ASOS and Tumblr are my favourite places to browse the latest fashions.

“I do read fashion magazines from time to time such as Seventeen and Grazia, but I mostly like looking online.

“It gives me lots of ideas and tells me what I should go and buy next time I am out shopping.

“Tumblr is amazing because I can scroll for hours looking at unique fashions from all over the world.

“It has so many users which means different ideas are 
always emerging.

“My biggest bargain item would have to be my white lace dress from Miss Selfridge.

“Although I got it at a bargain price for only £38, it looks so classy and expensive, which is why I feel that it is my best bargain buy this year.

“The detailing at the top of the dress makes it unique. I feel without it, the dress wouldn’t look as good.

“I usually pair up this dress with some black boots, but when it gets really hot I can swap my black boots for gladiator sandals and play into the summery look.

“I like the shape of this dress as it is really flattering as it is not too clingy or too baggy. It is hard to find this compromise these days.

“I like that I can wear this dress absolutely anywhere. It is so versatile that I can switch my look using just a few 

“If I was to wear this dress to a wedding, I would add some cream-coloured heels and probably a baby blue clutch. A shawl or wrap in the same colour as the clutch would finish off this look nicely.

“When I wear this dress on a day-to-day basis, I almost always wear a black leather jacket with it and a black bowler hat.

“I absolutely love hats at the moment and I have my eye on a big floppy one from my favourite shop, Topshop.”


“My biggest splurge item would be my black fur coat from Topshop. I bought it for £80 but it is definitely worth every penny.

“Not only is it cosy and warm, but it is fashionable at the same time. What I find is that coats can look very nice but not comfortable to wear at all. Comfort is important to me and this coat is perfect.

“I can wear this coat during the day at college and even at night. If I am going out for a meal in the evening, I would probably wear this coat over my shoulders, which makes my outfit look very chic.

“Shopping is my favourite hobby and I love the high street as everything is so 
reasonably priced and 
accessible to everyone.

“You will always find me in Topshop because they have so many different styles to suit nearly anyone. I can always create whole outfits in there which are suited to the style I want.”