My biggest ultimate splurge: Kate Gaynor

Kate Gaynor
Kate Gaynor
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Kate Gaynor, 33, who lives in Penwortham, near Preston, is the interim head of trading at St Catherine’s Hospice in Lostock Hall. She delves into her wardrobe and shares the details of two of her favourite buys with us


“My bargain item of clothing has to be this scarf that I managed to find in one of St Catherine Hospice’s charity shops.

“I was browsing in the St Catherine’s charity shop in Penwortham last month when I spotted this scarf priced at just £2 and I knew straight away it was a real bargain.

“It is a neutral beige coloured scarf with these giant red hearts on it.

“I wear lots of red so whenever I spot anything in a shop that is red, I just gravitate 
towards it.

“I like the fact that this scarf was a bit unusual so I thought I would quickly buy it before someone else nabbed it.

“I have worn this scarf loads of times since I bought it and have definitely had much more than my £2 worth from it.

“I already had two red work dresses and I am a bit of a fan when it comes to using a scarf to dress an outfit up, but I didn’t have a scarf to go with my red outfits and had been on the lookout for something like this for a while.

“I usually wear this scarf to work and I am really happy with it as it is very eye-catching and it’s even better knowing it was such a bargain.”


“My fashion splurge is this pair of Kurt Geiger shoes which I bought a couple of years ago for a rather hefty £140.

“This is quite expensive for a pair of shoes, but I thought they were worth the splurge because every woman needs a good pair of black going out shoes that go with everything.

“I am a big fan of Kurt Geiger shoes anyway and I had a pair of heels from there which I loved and had absolutely worn to death which needed replacing.

“My former Kurt Geiger heels were really high but were so comfy to wear and I loved them so much.

“I bought these shoes thinking they would be just as great, but although I love the way they look, I have not worn them very much because they are so uncomfortable and absolutely kill my feet.

“I only wear them on occasions when I know I won’t have to walk very far or won’t have to wear them for very long. My friend calls them my “sitting shoes”.

“However, I still love these shoes as they are very fancy looking and are covered with 
sequins and have a bow.

“But I suppose £140 is quite a lot to spend on a pair of shoes that you don’t wear very much.”