My biggest bargain my ultimate splurge - Joseph Rietdyk-Johnson

Joseph in his �28 t-shirt from Next
Joseph in his �28 t-shirt from Next
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Joseph Rietdyk-Johnson, 21, is a university student studying sports journalism. He tells us about some of his favourite fashion items.


Wearing his bargain shirt, bagged at the local supermarket for just �12.

Wearing his bargain shirt, bagged at the local supermarket for just �12.

“MY mum bought me this T-shirt as one of my Christmas presents last year and I was surprised when she told me it only cost £12.

“My first impressions when I saw it was that it cost significantly more as it looks like something that was bought from a more expensive store on the high street.

“It proves that if your eyes are open at all times when you’re out shopping, there is always a bargain to be found.

“I think it is the perfect fit for me and not only does it allow me to show who I am but it is also something I feel very comfortable in.

“I’ve worn this T-shirt on a number of occasions such as nights out with family and friends and just going out and about.

“It is from Sainsbury’s and not only is it comfortable and trendy, it has also proved very good value for money.

“The local Sainsbury’s supermarket isn’t too far away from where I live so I am a regular visitor to the store and it has a very good name for the clothing that it sells.

“I’m not a fan of T-shirts and shirts that are too flashy and give out the wrong impression.

“Although the colours are plain and aren’t the brightest colours around, I think they blend in well together and give the design a modern and trendy look.”


“As you get older and are out and about more, you realise the need to have something new to wear each day, whether that’s for going to work or out on a social occasion.

“When you’re at school, you have a set outfit which you stick to for a large majority of the week.

“But when you leave school and step out into the wider world, you realise that you need at least something different to wear each day of the week, especially if you are going into higher education or entering a

job that requires you to dress as yourself.

“I remember a few days before going back to sixth form ahead of my second year, I went into town to buy some new clothes.

“It was a late afternoon and most places were empty as it was a weekday and I remember being in Next and River Island buying t-shirts and other clothing for the months ahead and there are some items that I still wear to this day.

“One of the items I remember most from buying that day was this blue polo top I bought in Next.

“It cost £28 which is more than I’d normally spend on a top.

“However, it is something I wear when I am on my travels and has lasted me for a while.

“I find it a very modern design and it is one of my favourite pieces of clothing that I have bought over the past few years.

“The pressures on young people in particular to buy new clothes and new outfits on a regular basis to keep up with what everyone else is wearing is greater now than ever, especially with new ideas and designs coming out all the time.

“If it helps to make you feel comfortable and confident in yourself, I think its worth splashing out and treating yourself.”