My biggest bargain ... my ultimate splurge - Jack Crutcher

Jack Crutcher with his ultimate splurge
Jack Crutcher with his ultimate splurge
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Jack Crutcher, 21, is a student from Garstang, near Preston. He is studying politics and modern history in Manchester. He tells us about some of his wardrobe classics


Jack Crutcher with his ultimate splurge

Jack Crutcher with his ultimate splurge

“I don’t generally spend much money on clothes, mainly due to an all-round lack of fashion sense!

“On the rare occasion I do decide to buy something new, comfort and price are the first two things I look for.

“As a result, more or less all the clothing I buy is stuff from the sales – I find them a great place to find bargains.

“My biggest bargain has to be my Weird Fish jumper. I actually went for a branded name, so that meant compromising on cost to a certain extent.

“£58 for a jumper is really expensive, especially for me. But it has turned out to be a wise investment.

“I usually spend 15 quid on the same sort of thing, but this jumper had a nice design and great detail – even the logo stitching is quality.

“The design is probably a little bit too casual for some people.

“But the price was more than worth it considering it does everything I need it to.

“It is really comfortable and it even looks better with age. It is great to wear both when you have to quickly go to the shops, or spend a day out walking – it is so durable.

“I always want to wear this over other options when I look in my wardrobe.

“Having said that, I don’t think £58 is the kind of bargain I could afford every week.

“This was a purchase based on quality and I wear it as often as possible.

“It’s certainly got me through a fair few cold days when I didn’t want to wear something that looked really scruffy like a hooded top, but needed something that would still keep me warm.

“I’m even tempted to buy it again in a different colour.”


“At one point in my life, I spent most of my time attempting to avoid excessive cost on any single item.

“But, recently, I have found myself spending more money on single items in the hope ‘quality over quantity’ will pay off.

“My ultimate splurge was a black cotton jacket from Next, coming in at £90.

“I can wear it almost anywhere, in a smart or casual capacity – which is useful for me because they can often be one and the same thing.

“It was the first proper jacket I ever purchased, having mainly got by wearing hoodies and raincoats.

“But it has been more than worth the investment. I can wear it down the pub, in university lectures and when I go out on more formal occasions as well.

“It is really useful for those of us too lazy to put much thought into what we wear.

“I don’t think I could find a more suitable jacket.

“It will definitely be irreplaceable when it gets too scruffy to wear.

“I think knowing I won’t find a better jacket shows what a good buy it was at the time, albeit for a higher than ideal cost.

“It’s also really warm and keeps the rain out, which is especially vital when you live in rain-swept Lancashire.

“I have definitely got my money’s worth out of this jacket.

“It was probably a bit expensive on reflection, but its much better than being cold and wet every time I go outside.”