My Biggest Bargain... My Ultimate Splurge - Gillian Acklam

Gillian Acklam with her biggest bargain and ultimate splurge items
Gillian Acklam with her biggest bargain and ultimate splurge items
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Gillian Acklam, 40, who lives in Clayton-le-Woods, near Chorley, lives with partner Pete and their eight-year-old twins Katie and Lucy and son James, 12. Gillian, who is an outreach support worker and self confessed shoeaholic tells us about some of her shoe buys.


“One of my favourite shoes bargains is this pair of Ted Baker shoes which I bought just before Christmas.

“They should have cost £200 but I got them for £30.

“But even better, my mum had given me £20 to treat 
myself to something for Christmas so they technically only cost me a tenner!

“I spotted these shoes when I was shopping at Cheshire Oaks at the Ted Baker shop there and it was the first shop I went into.

“I instantly fell in love with them but tried to resist them as because they were so glittery and sparkly so I wondered if I would wear them enough.

“So I hid them under a shelf and put a pair of men’s boots in front of them safe in the knowledge that no woman would look behind a pair of men’s shoes.

“Then I walked all around Cheshire Oaks, but I could not get the shoes out of my head and I knew I had to have them.

“I went back into the Ted Baker shop and saw another woman holding a similar pair of shoes in a smaller size.

“I bent down and picked up the shoes I had hidden and she saw them and said, ‘Oh, what size are they? I’m looking for a size six’.

“I told her that the ones in my hand were a six, but they were mine!

“I absolutely love these shoes as they are black and sparkly and go with everything. I only bought them before Christmas but have already worn them a few times.

“And even though they are high heels, they are actually really comfy so it is a pleasure to wear them and were definitely a great buy.

“I do absolutely love buying shoes and am a bit of a shoeaholic. I have more than 100 pairs and am always on the lookout for the next great bargain!”


“I am more of a bargain hunter than a splurger and I don’t often spend an extravagant amount on one item.

“However, I bought these nude coloured high heels with a black trim for £140 as I just really liked them and thought they were a bit different.

“The only problem was, I saw this bracelet which matched the shoes perfectly as it has the same bow on it and I had to have that too and that cost me another £59.

“The bracelet isn’t even gold or anything - it’s just costume jewellery.

“I would never normally spend that much on a 
bracelet but it matched the shoes so well, I knew I had to buy it. It cost me almost £200 for the shoes and the bracelet but I bought them both from a catalogue so I was able to pay weekly so it didn’t seem so bad.

“The only problem was the first time I wore the shoes, they absolutely crippled my feet and I was in total agony.

“I was in so much pain that the friends I was out with told me to take them off but I didn’t because I knew I would never be able to get them on again.

“I ended up driving home and as soon as I got out of the car, I took them off and put my feet on the concrete and they were absolutely burning.

“Since then, I have never been able to get my feet into the shoes so haven’t worn them since.

“If anyone has any tips on how I can stretch the shoes to fit, I would be very grateful!

“As a result of the disastrous first time I wore them, I have not worn the shoes or the bracelet since so they have ended up being a total waste of money.

“I am definitely going to stick to the bargains in future and avoid any more splurges!”