My Biggest Bargain... My Ultimate Splurge - Debbi Moules

Photo: David Hurst'Debbie Moules with her Ultimate Splurge
Photo: David Hurst'Debbie Moules with her Ultimate Splurge
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Debbi Moules, 20, is a magazine journalism student at the University of Central Lancashire. She loves spending money on clothes, but as a student, her funds are limited.

She shares some of her wardrobe favourites with us.


Debbie Moules Ultimate Bargain

Debbie Moules Ultimate Bargain

“I recently bought this patterned playsuit from Urban Outfitters in the Boxing Day sales for £20. Its original price was around £50.

“I love the old-fashioned style of the garment with its high neck, long sleeves and retro pattern.

“What completes the piece is, it has a slit in the back to add a subtle sexy element.

“I don’t just judge a bargain on the price of the product. It also depends on the quality and how much you’re likely to wear it.

“Even though the playsuit was still £20, similar clothing from Urban Outfitters can range anywhere between £40 to £70.

“As a regular shopper at the store I know the product is of high quality. It can also be worn as an everyday outfit - with tights and an under-top to cover my bare back or I can dress it up with some accessories and embrace my white legs for a night out.

“I didn’t originally buy this piece for a special occasion but ended up wearing it on New Year’s Eve.

“It’s not a classic New Year’s Eve outfit full of sparkles and glitz but if you feel good in an outfit, you shine in confidence.

“Usually, along with most people, I could spend anything up to £100 on a single outfit for New Years Eve that I would probably never wear again.

“But it felt great knowing I didn’t spend a fortune on top of an expensive night anyway.”


“My splurge item was bought about two years ago just before the winter season from Topshop for around £70.

“I like to have a range of coats to choose from in my wardrobe because when it’s cold outside people don’t see the clothes you’ve spent an hour picking in the morning.

“They see you day-in-day-out in a coat so you don’t want it to be seen wearing the same one all the time.

“I love how this woolly item is a cross between a cardigan and a coat.

“It’s not as formal as a typical coat but is great for keeping you warm in winter – or at any time of the year in England!

“Being a student, I don’t usually have much disposable money to spend on highly priced items so I tend to avoid it if I can.

“I would rather buy a few nice items than spend a massive amount on one item.

“I find coats are the most expensive item of clothing on the high streets so naturally you tend to spend a bit more on one.

“However, it is important also to get a good quality one that will survive through the winter and not fall apart after a couple of outings.

“I don’t wear this particular item that often.

“It’s really comfortable but because of the pattern and colour scheme, it is hard to coordinate it with an outfit.

“There have only been a few times when I can get away with wearing this chunky knit.”