Music upsets swingers club

Landlord Frank Patterson outside the Number 3 club. Pic by Josh Vosper
Landlord Frank Patterson outside the Number 3 club. Pic by Josh Vosper
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A recording studio boss says he will not be forced out despite noise complaints from the owners of a swingers’ club.

Lee Morrison has launched a music recording studio called 1st Bass Music Solutions in the same building as The No3 Club at the mill on Friday Street.

Theatre company Say Two Theatre Productions had previously been based in the mill – but moved out after parents of the children attending rehearsals complained that members of the adult club were mistakenly walking into their room.

Now, Mr Morrison fears he is being ‘forced out’ after the building’s owner, Frank Patterson, said there have been complaints from neighbours about the noise levels coming from the underground studio, including from the swingers’ club upstairs.

He said: “I am worried we’ll be the next to go, but we’re prepared to fight to stay here because we’re doing something really great for the community.

“We work with teenagers and schoolchildren, and they absolutely love it. It gives them something positive to do, and it’s an exciting time for them, so we don’t want to take that away from them now.”

Mr Morrison, who has been a musician for 20 years and makes music for video games, films and TV adverts, spent £20,000 setting up the studio.

It was already soundproofed when he opened up in August and he also signed a three-year lease.

“Apparently there have been complaints from the swingers’ club upstairs about the noise,” he said. “But this is supposed to be soundproof.

“We’re not prepared to move. What we’re doing here is too important to the bands.

“We have about six bands who practice and record at this studio, and they’re going places. It’s not fair on them.”

Mr Patterson admitted the noise is becoming a problem.

“It’s virtually impossible for a room to be soundproof in a mill,” he said.

“Lee is benefiting young people, but I’ve had complaints from upstairs. I didn’t appreciate how loud it would be before he moved in.”

Mr Morrison has won the support of Christine Appleby, who runs Say Two Theatre Productions.

She said: “I think when new people move into the town wanting to promote the arts, they should really be supported and welcomed. Chorley lost an absolute gem when we left, and it would be losing another if Lee is forced out too.”

Nobody froom The No3 Club was available for comment. The club has a playroom, swinger’s lounge, a private bedroom, sauna and locker room.

The owner, known only as Mary, previously told the media that people do not have sex at the club, but instead use it as a meeting place before going elsewhere.