Museum alarm sparks candle alert

Museum of Lancashire
Museum of Lancashire
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Firefighters have warned against candles being left on heaters after a 999 call-out to a museum after dark.

Two crews raced to the Museum of Lancashire in Preston last night when smoke and fumes triggered an alarm

When they arrived they found an unlit candle had been left on top of an electric storage heater.

“Even though the candle wasn’t lit it melted when the storage heater came on and the wax caused slight smoke-logging in the building,” said watch manager Mark Woodward.

“With the heater being electrical it could have caused a fire and the incident could have been far worse.

“The fire alarm activated and the caretaker searched the museum and called us in because there was some smoke and fumes.

“Our safety message would be not to put candles, or anything else which is combustible, on heaters. It can be very damgerous.”