MURDER TRIAL: ‘I didn’t set out to kill Adam Wilson’

SCENE: Police and forensic teams at the house in Albrighton Crescent, Lostock Hall
SCENE: Police and forensic teams at the house in Albrighton Crescent, Lostock Hall
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A jilted lover who broke into his ex-girlfriend’s house and inflicted fatal stab wounds to a man he found inside has admitted wielding the knife but says he didn’t intend to kill him.

Jason Taylor, 21, denies murdering Adam Wilson at a house in Albrighton Crescent, Lostock Hall, claiming to have been defending himself when he pulled out the knife.

Giving evidence at Preston Crown Court, Taylor, of Westfield Road, Lostock Hall, accepted he must have inflicted the deep wound to Mr Taylor’s leg during a fight with him.

However he claims he does not remember stabbing him as he had been hit several times over the head with a bottle, causing him to bleed.

He was shocked to hear Mr Wilson had died when he was arrested on suspicion of murder after collapsing in a nearby garden, he told the court.

Taylor - who works in a slaughterhouse removing bones from animal carcasses - sent a number of text messages to his former partner Jodie Emery throughout the day of September 22. As the evening wore on and Taylor became more drunk, the tone of the messages turned nasty.

He told the court he believed Jodie had been having other men round at her house and did not accept there was an innocent explanation.

In one chilling message, sent less than two hours after Mr Wilson was killed, he said: “Jail or death for me.”

But when asked what he meant by the message he said: “Nothing. I was just saying it.”

Taylor told the court he had been planning on selling the knife to a friend to get money to buy more alcohol.

He had previously had a knife held to his throat when he confronted another man about spending time with Jodie and was worried he would be attacked after he head butted a window in the Tardy Gate pub and the landlord had allegedly threatened him. But he insisted: “I had no intention of using the knife or to cause no harm.”