Mumps vaccine take-up

Outbreak: The University of Central Lancashire
Outbreak: The University of Central Lancashire
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Students have come forward to be vaccinated following an outbreak of mumps at Preston’s university.

The number of mumps cases reported at the University of Central Lancashire now stand at 31 in recent weeks, but health chiefs say the outbreak seems to have slowed down.

However, they are warning people not to be complacent as mumps outbreaks are unpredictable and can often slow down before gathering pace again.

Dr Ken Lamden, consultant in health protection at the Health Protection Agency for Cumbria and Lancashire, said: “We have had around 30 students come forward for MMR vaccination at the university health centre since the mumps outbreak was reported and information about the illness was given to the students.

“In addition to this, some students may have gone to their own GP to take up the vaccine which gives protection against mumps.

“It is encouraging that a number of students have come forward for vaccinations and we would urge any others who have not had both MMR jabs to contact their doctor and get vaccinated.

“Although mumps seems to have quietened down at the university, we cannot say that it has gone away as with outbreaks, there are often quiet spells before the disease gathers pace again.

“All the students who have been affected by mumps are recovering well and none of them have needed hospitalisation.”

Mumps is an infectious disease which causes the salivary glands in the neck to become swollen and painful, accompanied by a fever, headache, runny eyes and nose.

Complications include meningitis and infertility.