Mum with incurable cancer: My dying wish to see Preston North End promoted

Linda Moon with PNE striker Kevin Davies
Linda Moon with PNE striker Kevin Davies
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A terminally ill mum-of-two who is an avid Preston North End fan has revealed that her last wish is to see her beloved team promoted.

Linda Moon, 33, has cancer of the bowel and blood and medics have told her there is nothing more they can do to try to cure her.

But the determined mum has vowed to stay positive, and is desperate to see the Lilywhites promoted this season. If North End win on Saturday and league rivals MK Dons lose their game, PNE will be promoted.

Linda, who lives in Ashton, Preston, said: “My kids are keeping me going, my family and my friends.

“I kept it quiet for a long time but since I’ve let it out the support I’ve had from everybody is just unbelievable, like getting tweets from my idols.

“I want to see North End promoted by the end of the season.”

Linda has had visits in hospital from player Kevin Davies and mascot Deepdale Duck, and said she had even planned her own Preston North End-themed funeral.

She said: “I’m wearing my signed North End shirt.

“I’m really known for stickers and I’ve asked my friends to print a load off so everyone gets one, and everyone has got to wear football kits.

“I’ve asked the lads who I want to carry my coffin and who I want to scatter my ashes.

“I want to be driven past North End and up to Preston Crematorium.”

Linda was given the news that doctors couldn’t operate any more after her most recent surgery last month.

She said: “I knew what was coming after my operation had failed.

“I was supposed to have keyhole and I ended up with 46 stitches, I’ve had stents in my arteries and I lost my spleen in November.”

Experts believe the illness may have stemmed from a rare condition Linda could have had all her life, which attacks the blood and collagen.

But Linda didn’t have her symptoms checked until 2013, by which time it was too late.

She said: “When I look back I think if I had gone to the doctor for that or gone for that, things could have been totally different.

“It’s like the bruising easily and the stretchy skin, the days when I couldn’t get out of bed – I put it down to working too much.

“I was diagnosed in 2013 and as soon as I found out I was in hospital for three months.

“Now it’s managing the pain and taking my meds.

“I take more than 100 tablets a day and they have put me on food drinks.

“I’ve lost about three-and-a-half stone since November.

“They can’t operate any more, they were going to remove some of my bowel but they can’t, they have said with the way it’s spread they can’t remove how far it’s gone.”

But Linda said she was trying to stay positive and take each day as it comes.

She said: “I want to see North End promoted and I want to meet Kevin Kilbane but not everyone gets to meet their idol.

“At first I thought I could fight it and I tried and tried and tried, but it always gets to a point where if there’s nothing else they can do you’ve got to enjoy what you’ve got left.

“While I can go to the football, it’s something to aim for.”