Mum’s plea to return phone containing photos of her dead baby son

Baby  Kasim Khan with his older brother Junaid
Baby Kasim Khan with his older brother Junaid
  • Baby with rare genetic condition died aged seven months
  • Mum lost phone with all photos on night out in Preston
  • Plea to hand it in to Golden Cross
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A MUM whose baby died suddenly today spoke of her heartbreak after she lost her only photographs of him.

Kasim Khan died last month aged seven months, leaving his mum Natalie Fraser distraught.

And in a cruel twist, the 27-year-old lost her mobile phone containing the photographs of him.

She has been left with just a handful of pictures given to her by family, and is desperate to get her phone and photographs back.

Kasim was born prematurely with rare genetic condition, tuberous sclerosis, which causes mainly benign tumours to develop on his heart, brain, liver and kidneys.

But Natalie believed he was battling back, before he died in his sleep.

She said: “He had gone through quite a fight in the hospital, he was there for three months, and he kept stopping breathing even during a feed.

“He fought through all that and got to come home.”

Natalie said she once had to resuscitate Kasim after he stopped breathing, but it was put down to him drinking too much milk.

She said he had been in and out of hospital for appointments and having heart scans because of

the tuberous sclerosis, and said experts had found the lesions on his heart to be shrinking.

Natalie, who lives in Walton-le-Dale, near Preston, said: “He had been in four or five times to Royal Preston Hospital for check-ups with his heart, they said they were really happy with him and so was I. I was over the moon.”

Kasim had been staying for a night with Natalie’s sister in Deepdale, while his mum was recovering from an injured foot.

Natalie said: “I rang up about 9pm, he was giggling on the phone. “She went to wake him up at 9am, he was a good sleeper and he slept all the way through.”

But Kasim was raced to hospital after Natalie’s sister found he had stopped breathing, and medics were unable to save him.

Natalie said: “His consultant came out and said ‘We’ve done everything we could’.

“I’m still in a complete state.

“I’ve totally redecorated the house to keep busy, I’ve made the back garden into a nursery for his brother, Junaid.

“I still don’t want to believe it, even though I’ve buried him, I just want to wake up and it have all been a nightmare.

“He had a swing chair and his brother used to sit next to him and swing him, and the week afterwards he just kept swinging the chair.

“It upset me even more that he understood and missed him as well.”

Natalie said: “I don’t sleep because I’m terrified Junaid will go to sleep and not wake up.

“I’m not blaming anybody for what happened, there’s no answers. It might have been cot death.”

Natalie had been to the Old Dog Inn in Church Street, Preston, a few days before Kasim died, and lost her Nokia RM920 phone during the evening.

She said: “Every single day of his life and his fight, his struggle and his victory was in that memory card.

“Now I’ve only got three pictures that family members have given me.

“It’s just everything of him, all the smiles, all the features, I know I’ll never forget but it’s just seeing it so pure of him.”
Natalie is now appealing for anyone who may have her phone to come forward, and said: “I can’t give up, if I give up I’m giving him up.”

She asked anyone who has the phone to hand it in at the Golden Cross in Lancaster Road, Preston.