Mum of three took own life

A WOMAN who suffered abuse took a "massive" overdose to end her life, an inquest heard.

Sandra McHugh, 59, was found dead next to a suicide note after taking an overdose of anti-depressant tablets at her home in Brighton Street, Chorley.

Coroner Dr James Adeley heard the mother of three was subjected to emotional abuse at the home she shared with her partner and, on the day she died, had been told she was going to lose her job.

A pathologist reported that a post mortem examination had found the amount of Diazepam in her blood suggested a “massive” overdose and was “75 times the prescribed dose”.

Daughter Sharon Platt, 39, who visited her mother on the afternoon of her death, told the hearing at Preston Coroner’s Court: “Her manager had left a message on her answer phone, and said that she would lose her job because someone had complained about her.

“She was very upset about it when I got to the house.

“I managed to calm her down but she wasn’t herself when I left.

“She was frantic and just sitting there staring into space.”

The hearing was also told that Mrs McHugh and her partner were about to split up and she was planning to move house the following week.

It was also revealed that Mrs McHugh had made three previous attempts to kill herself with prescription drugs.

Son Carl Thornley, 36, discovered his mother unconscious in her bedroom.

He said he found a box of tablets and a suicide note on the bed.

He also told the hearing that he had problems letting himself into the house as his mother’s key was left half turned in the door lock.

Dr Adeley recorded a verdict of suicide.

After the hearing, Mrs McHugh’s daughter, Lorraine Thornley, 41, said: “We all miss her a lot.

“There are a lot of circumstances that lead to a suicide and in my mum’s case it was not a question of physical abuse, but it was emotional.

“It is important to know about abuse. There is a shelter in Chorley where individuals who suffer different kinds of abuse can get help.”