Mum delighted with appeal for little Alice

Lindsey Rambridge with daughter Alice who needs a special bed for her rare chromosome disorder
Lindsey Rambridge with daughter Alice who needs a special bed for her rare chromosome disorder
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Alice Rambridge is always smiling, so it seemed fitting to call a fundraising mission to help her the ‘Smiling Alice’s Appeal’.

She doesn’t feel pain and has never cried a tear in her life – but is in desperate need of a new bed to keep her safe at night.

Since the appeal for the bed was launched earlier this year mum Lindsay has been overwhelmed with the ‘amazing’ support she has received and says it has ‘restored her faith in humanity’.

Nine-year-old Alice, from Preston, has a rare chromosome disorder called 1q21.1 duplication and also suffers from agenesis of the corpus callosum, which means there is no bridge in her brain.

She has mobility issues, gets confused very easily, has global development delay, struggles to communicate and is often very poorly.

Her current bed is no longer suitable and because a new one can’t be funded by the local authority the family, with the support of the charity Cash for Kids, has hosted events to raise more than £7,000 for the new bed.

The fundraising efforts started in January but Lindsay said things have really picked up pace in the last few months, so much so she hopes to have the new specialist bed in time for Christmas.

Lindsay says: “Things have been going really well, we have held events on the Flag Market, I’ve got four people jumping out of a plane at the end of the month, we’ve had an auction of promises at church that raised £2,000 – I still can’t believe it.

“There’s a guy at church Neil White he organised it all. Even he can’t believe how much it raised.”

She says St Stephen’s Church in Broadgate and the congregation have been a huge help as have a number of strangers.

“We have raised just over £6,000, we’ve not got far too go, it’s all still coming in.

“It has been amazing, people have been helping who don’t know Alice.

“Neil White from church sent an email to all his friends and work colleagues, on the back of that father and son Andrew and Jonathan Rowland did a charity bike ride.

“People are just amazing, they don’t know us at all.

“When we had an event on the Flag Market a man called Luke Jackson and he said he would like to run the Guild Wheel for charity, he did it for Alice and he raised £210.

“It is amazing, it’s humbling, I can’t put into words.

“Kerry Corless has been organising all the Flag Market events, she has been brilliant.”

Lindsay says the bed will make such a huge difference to Alice’s quality of life because she would be much safer and it would help Lindsay to change her as she is getting bigger and heavier.

The bed will raise her up and last her until she is in her 20s.

She described Alice as “always happy” and the smiling schoolgirl “doesn’t know there’s anything wrong with her.”

Linday says the new bed will be “fantastic,” she adds: “Now winter is coming she is getting very nasally, the bed will elevate her to help her chest, it lifts up and down and will provide a safe space for her.

“I thought it would take a lot longer to raise the money.

“Cash for Kids have been amazing. They have been fantastic with resources and they are still going to carry on helping.

“I don’t think we could have done it so quickly without them.

“Since it has been in the paper it’s been a whirl wind.”

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