Mum and daughter shed 16st for happy new year

After: Sarah Fletcher with her daughter Charlotte Fletcher
After: Sarah Fletcher with her daughter Charlotte Fletcher
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A mother and daughter are looking forward to a lighter new year after shedding 16 stone between them.

Charlotte Fletcher, 27, tipped the scales at more than 21st while her mum Sarah, 48, from Lostock Hall, weighed in at more than 17st.

Before: Charlotte Fletcher (left) and her mum Sarah Fletcher

Before: Charlotte Fletcher (left) and her mum Sarah Fletcher

The pair embarked on a mammoth weight-loss regime after Charlotte reached her lowest point - fearing she may get stuck in turnstiles at a theme park - and are now svelte size 10s.

Charlotte, who was a size 28 at her largest, is mum to seven-year-old Jake.

She said: “Primarily my reason for losing weight was for Jake. I couldn’t do anything with him because I was too self-conscious to be running around a playground.

“I thought, I’m in my 20s and these should be the years that you remember but I wasn’t doing anything. I’d never take Jake to a theme park or a football match because I’d panic about what would happen if I got stuck in the turnstile or they had to let me in through a special door.

“It was silly things like not taking him on rides in case they couldn’t shut the door or do up the belts.

I didn’t want to be the fat mum in the playground because kids can be so cruel.”

Charlotte, an NHS administrator, says the piled on the weight when she split from Jake’s dad when he was a year old.

She said: “I completely isolated myself and just piled on loads of weight. Once me and Jake moved out from my parents when he was two, I cut myself off from my friends.

“They’d call me and say about going out but I always made excuses.”

Charlotte has now lost 9st 1lb while her mum Sarah has lost 6st 13lbs.

She said: “Once I was losing weight Jake realised the difference. When he’s given me a hug he says ‘gosh mum, I can get my arms all the way round you now’.”

The pair found success when they turned to the LighterLife Weight Loss Management programme, joining classes in Euxton near Chorley, where ordinary eating is replaced by four specially-formulated food packs per day alongside weekly counselling sessions.

Her mum Sarah, a fundraiser for Marie Curie Cancer Care, said: “We both started LighterLife in January because we got to the stage where we really needed to do something about it. We were eating lots of convenience food and takeaways, and then bags of sweets would come out. It’s just about being more sensible and not eating things for the sake of it. I’ll definitely be looking for a little black number for my Christmas party.

“I’m not going to be the fat bird in the pictures this year!”

And an unexpected benefit of losing all the weight was being able to sell their old clothes on eBay - raising £1,400 between them.