Multiple sightings of 'Penwortham tiger' as it toys with city joggers

Runners, walkers, and park strollers have been '˜stopped in their tracks' after coming across what appeared to be a tiger on the loose.

Wednesday, 31st January 2018, 3:21 pm
Updated Wednesday, 31st January 2018, 4:30 pm
The ferocious feline in Avenham Park. Photo courtesy of Chris Redpath.

Members of the public in two Lancashire boroughs have come across the wild wanderer in the last 10 days.

The latest sighting was in Avenham Park on Tuesday evening, with passerby Chris Redpath noticing the ‘beast’ – actually a stuffed toy tiger – having a cat nap on the banks of the River Ribble.

It was obviously not scared of water having been spotted one week earlier on the other side of the River Ribble at Penwortham Holme by runner Barry Cleminson.

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The 'tiger' at Penwortham Holme last week. Photo courtesy of Barry Cleminson.

Barry said: "I was out on my evening run and it scared the life out of me!

"From a distance I just froze. I was in shock as it's not the usual thing you come across in Penwortham!"

Taking to social media, Barry said: “Pretty standard Tuesday night river run ... apart from the tiger in the road!

“Must admit I stopped in my tracks when I saw him. Thankfully its only a stuffed toy so I didn’t have to try and outrun him.”

Riverbank cat nap.

Earlier in the day, members of walking group Monton Ramblers also came across the orange and black cat at Penwortham Holme while on their seven mile walk around Penwortham and the Ribble estuary.

Stephen Dickson, whose dad is in the walking group, posted: “My dad and his friends caught a tiger today in Penwortham, its crazy what you come across in Lancashire.”

Tony Potter from the Eccles rambling group said: “Remember, a tiger is not just for Christmas!”

For those worrying about the multiple sightings, a spokesman for Lancashire Police has told those who encounter the ‘creature’ on their travels to remain calm.

The 'tiger' at Penwortham Holme last week. Photo courtesy of Barry Cleminson.

They said said: “We can reassure people that we have had no reports of a tiger in Avenham Park. People should not be worried.”

Riverbank cat nap.