Much Hoole woman gave up chocolate and Diet Coke for Rosemere and International Aid Trust

Kate Males
Kate Males
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Could you live without your favourite vice for one whole year?

Kate Males, of Much Hoole, has done just that and raised more than £300 for International Aid Trust and the Rosemere cancer unit at Royal Preston Hospital.

Kate Males after the challenge

Kate Males after the challenge


The 32-year-old has given up chocolate and Diet Coke for 365 days and to celebrate she is hosting a Big Fat Bubble and Treat Quiz at The Anchor, in Hutton, on Friday October 20 at 7.30pm.
It includes chocolate and Diet Coke-themed catchphrase rounds, general questions and answers, music round and a fun tasting round. Entry is a minimum of £2 per person to enter.
Kate, who is an administrative assistant for International Aid Trust, said: “It has been very difficult.
“My eight-year-old step-daughter got loads of Easter eggs and that was a nightmare for me.
“When I go out for meals, I usually order Diet Coke, so I haven’t known what to get. I ended up looking like a cheapskate and ordering water.
“My birthday was hard as I usually have a chocolate cake and get chocolates as presents. But my family and friends have been very supportive.
“But the worst of it has been the fact the last year has been up and down. A family member, who has been battling cancer on and off was given a terminal diagnosis and that has been really difficult.
“But I had to look beyond what I had given up and instead look at why I was doing it. The fact I was raising money for two good causes meant a lot.
“Now I have finished my challenge I have tried to keep chocolate and Diet Coke as a treat.I have lost just over a stone and I don’t want to put it back on.
“But one minute past midnight the day I finished, I had a big chocolate cake.
“I am proud of myself as it was hard.
“A few people have said they would find it easy. But I ask people to think about what their favourite thing is - make-up, football, computer games etc - and would they be able to give it up.
“If they would find it a challenge, please make a donation, as it all adds up.”
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