Mt biggest biggest bargain, my ultimate splurge - Sally Fox

Bargain and splurge Sally Fox
Bargain and splurge Sally Fox
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Sally Fox is 34 and lives in Walmer Bridge, near Preston. She admires Marilyn Monroe and loves nothing more than a good old rummage in the bargain bin

This sounds like a cliché but I’m quite unique when it comes to fashion.

Bargain and splurge Sally Fox

Bargain and splurge Sally Fox

“I know everyone says this but I don’t follow the crowd or pay much attention to what’s on the high street – if it looks good I’ll wear it.

“I normally avoid the high street but if I want to buy myself a nice frock for a special event I’ll go to TK Maxx. You normally have to make a couple of trips and have a lot of patience (and a strong rummaging arm) for TK Maxx – I always find the perfect bargain there!

“Otherwise I’m normally found in one of Preston’s many nice charity shops to see what hidden gems I can pick up.”


“My bargain items are my shoes which are by Kurt Geiger – they retail for around £120 but I was lucky enough to find them in a charity shop for just 50p.

“There are a few weird items in my wardrobe that I was lucky enough to discover on one of my charity shop runs.

“I have a ‘70s-style pearl headdress (something you could imagine Diana Ross wearing in one of her videos back in the day) that I picked up for £1.50 and a vintage polka-dot dress from the 1960s which cost just £3.

“I love wearing old vintage clothes as it makes me picture the history behind the previous owners and what adventures they may have had in them.

“Bettie Page, Marilyn Monroe and Audrey Hepburn are huge style inspirations to me.

“Their glamour seemed effortless and they always looked immaculate and so feminine – even before GHDs and spray-tans were around!

“Fashion is so cheap nowadays and thanks to places like Primark it’s easy to throw together a stylish look for under £50.

“I spent a few years living on a Greek island and on my two or three visits back home each year, my suitcase was always overweight on the way back due to all the Primark clobber I’d squeezed in.

“Living on an island that relied on everything being shipped over, clothes were so expensive so a trip to Primark was like 10 Christmas Days rolled into one.

“I could pick up a whole year’s worth of clothes there for the price of two or three outfits back home and all my friends would go crazy asking to borrow my new wardrobe.

“I’m convinced that if there was a global apocalypse, Primark clothes could be used as currency among females!”


“I’m not usually someone to spend a lot of money on what I wear (unless it’s for something that I know I will keep for years like a nice pair of jeans) but I couldn’t resist my splurge – a nude mesh above the knee dress with pearl design from Forever Unique. I won’t say how much I paid for it but let’s just say I’ve been eating beans on toast every night for the last year!

“I like to donate all of my old clothes to charity shops though, so hopefully my splurge will be someone else’s bargain someday!”

Interview by Dale Fox