MP’s anger that area will miss out on investment

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West Lancashire MP Rosie Cooper is angry the area has been left out of Lancashire’s Growth Deal cash injection.

She said: “I am angry that West Lancashire has been completely ignored by Lancashire Enterprise Partnership’s Growth Deal with government and that we will not see any of the £233.9 million from the deal invested in West Lancashire. I’ve read this investment is good news for the county. I’d strongly disagree I would say it is only good news for certain parts of the county. Lancashire Economic Partnership has in essence disregarded the entire southern communities of Lancashire in West Lancashire and Chorley.

“We have big challenges and opportunities in West Lancashire around transport, business growth and development, and regeneration but clearly they are not important enough to Lancashire Enterprise Partnership.

“Growth deals were intended to encourage local economy growth as our national economy is too London-focussed. Instead we will now have a Preston-focussed economy given the money they’ve have from the City Deal as well.

“You seriously begin to question what the benefits are for West Lancashire in being part of Lancashire.”