Motorists are left ‘confused’ by speed signs

Is it 20mph or 30mph
Is it 20mph or 30mph
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Is it 20mph or 30mph? Drivers have been left confused after new speed restriction signs and markings were put up on Lea Road, Ashton.

Deputy city council leader, Coun John Swindells, said: “The camera is there in the 30mph zone and the lines and the markings are in the 20mph zone. The sign is in the middle, it’s confusing.”

The camera, to prevent people driving over 30mph, has been in position for a number of years but the new 20mph zone has been installed in recent weeks.

On one side of the sign, there is a 30mph limit with 20mph on the other side.

Coun Swindells said: “It seems a crazy place to put it.

“It really should be on one side, well away from the speed camera on the other side. I’ve been spoken to by a lot of people.”

Coun Swindells said he has contacted Lancashire County Council’s Highways department but has not received a response.

He added: “I don’t know if people have actually been flashed (by the speed camera), it’s just the total confusion it’s caused.”

Paul Binks, county council road and transport safety manager, said: “The camera currently covers Lea Road at the point at which traffic enters the new 20mph limit on approach to the residential area.

“We’ve introduced the 20mph limit at this location to slow traffic before the residential estate but also before the footpath crosses the road at the junction with Ainsdale Drive which will form part of the Guild Wheel cycleway.

“We understand the confusion some motorists may experience with the camera being so close to the start of the 20mph speed limit.

“We will undertake a review with the police, starting this week, with a view to making the situation clearer for motorists.

“The camera housing will remain in place while we look into this issue as it will continue to be effective in encouraging drivers to slow down. But we have no plans to use the site for enforcement until the review is completed.”