Monster is off the streets

Delwyn Savigar
Delwyn Savigar
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A teenager who was brutally raped on her way to school by an evil sex monster has told how she burst into tears when she was told he had finally been caught.

Delwyn Alan Savigar, 35, had evaded justice for his secret history of sordid sex crimes for more than a decade.

But Savigar – who was today waking up in jail after being sentenced to 14 years behind bars – was only snared when he was caught by detectives investigating an international paedophile ring and his DNA was taken.

It linked him to the rape, an attempted rape and sex assaults. Today, one of his victims spoke of her ordeal at the hands of Savigar.

The woman, who was 13 at the time, was walking through Yarrow Valley Park in Penwortham in 2002 on her way to school when Savigar struck.

She said: “I was on my way to school. He was walking towards me, it had just started raining. He just grabbed me and pushed me down an embankment. I panicked and tried to scream but he had his hand over my mouth. (Afterwards) He then walked off and said I had to stand there and count to 10.

“I stayed for a couple of minutes, I was not thinking properly. I just carried on walking to school. A man walking by stopped because I was crying. I didn’t want to go near him but he walked me to the park rangers and I just blurted it out.”

Recalling the moment she knew of his arrest, the woman, now 18, said: “The police picked me up from work. I had a good idea why but as soon as I found out they had caught him I burst into tears. I have just tried to get on with my life since it happened. I tried not to think about it as I got older. I have always made sure I have been with people when going out. I sometimes talk about it with close friends if I get upset when I’ve had a drink. I had mixed feelings – I was glad they had caught him but then I felt he should have been caught sooner.”

Balding Savigar, of Queensway, Leyland, sat motionless with his arms folded in the dock at Preston Crown Court. The public gallery was full of his victims and their families.

Another victim, 25, who was sexually assaulted 11 years ago, said: ”I’ve been through a lot in the last 17 months. After 11 years I never thought I would see the man that hurt me get punished.

“I finally got some justice it will never be enough. I live with what he did to me everyday for the rest of my life. I get a taxi home from work every day so I don’t have to walk alone.

“I was 14 and back then there was no support like there is now.”

Detectives told the Evening Post the probe into the paedophile ring began when an American organisation, equivalent to the UK’s Child Exploitation Online Protection Centre, began investigating an internet bulletin board known as “The Cache” which shared illegal pictures of youngsters between subscribers.

A study of the computer system found there were 545 active members - 43 in the UK - but it had had more than 1,000 at its peak.

Savigar, who formerly worked as a driver for Crewe John’s drinks in Leyland, was identified as the site’s administrator and Lancashire police were contacted.

At the time of his arrest two years ago he lived in his mother’s house with her ex partner.

During the investigation the cold case review team reopened probes into two sex assaults from 1999 and 2002. Both the victims identified Savigar in an ID parade.

The court heard he assaulted a 16-year-old schoolgirl on April 18, 1999 as she made her way to work, placing his hand over her mouth and pushing her to the ground. He ran off when she screamed her father was on the way.

On April 13, 2002, another girl was sat on a bench in Much Hoole when Savigar put his hand over her mouth and pulled her through a hedge. He slapped her, threw to the floor stripped her and attempted to rape her. He was disturbed by a car driving past. The terrified girl did not tell her parents for months.

He denied the offences in interview - but changed his story when a mouth swab, matched DNA from the rape of the 13 year old girl.

He eventually pleaded guilty to a series of sex attacks and possessing indecent images of children.

Some charges were ordered to lie on file.

Savigar told police he had an interest for five years in indecent images. He had denied sexual attraction to children and suggested he viewed what he did as some kind of service to the community.

Preston Crown Court Judge Edward Slinger said: “These young women have had to live with horror for many years and what happened will be with them for many more.”

Det Sgt Jon Cass of Leyland CID said: “Before this arrest in 2008 we were not aware of him and had it not been for the USA investigation he may never have been brought to justice. If there’s ever an argument for people having their DNA taken this is it.”