Money 'set aside' to restore historic Chorley lodge after severe flooding

Chorley council have announced they plan to reform Ackhurst Lodge back to its former glory after it became submerged underwater when Astley Park grounds flooded.
The grade II listed building first flooded 'up to the ceiling' in AugustThe grade II listed building first flooded 'up to the ceiling' in August
The grade II listed building first flooded 'up to the ceiling' in August

In a statement yesterday, December 23, Chorley council announced that they will 'continue to demand urgent action is taken' on restoring the venue in Astley Park.

They also plan to bring the building back into use but say this can only be carried out once flooding issues are resolved.

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Images emerged of Ackhurst Lodge back in August, showing floods surrounding the Grade II listed building and high water levels that reached the downstairs ceiling.

In the update, the council said: "We know the flooding at Ackhurst Lodge, in Astley Park, is a concern for many so here’s a quick update.

"As any property owner affected by flooding, we are calling on those responsible to take urgent action - whether that be Lancashire County Council, United Utilities or the Environment Agency.

"We have done all we can in clearing any debris around the site and upstream and have raised the issue of checking the culvert under Southport Road with Lancashire County Council - they will be inspecting it but they say the water levels are too high to do that work at the moment.

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"We know how important the building is to local people so we, along with those who have already raised this issue, will continue to demand urgent action is taken.

"We have set aside money to renovate the building and bring it back into use but we can only progress this once the recent flooding issues are resolved."

The 1842 lodge, which belongs to Astley Hall, sits at the bottom of a hill by Southport Road with the River Chor running nearby.

The Lancashire Post has contacted Lancashire County Council for a comment.